Thursday, March 31, 2016

Obama - Heavenly Buds

Obama - Heavenly Buds
I always love Heavenly Buds - it is always premium. Their Obama has been on my desk a fair few times. The first time I smoked it was when Freedom Market Kelso Budtender Cameron recommended it for relaxation.

The smell on this is rich and fruity, with vegetative undertones. It is quite like a berry bush that's been freshly trimmed. The bright ripe berry and fruit balance against the lively lushness.

A thin white frosting covers these slightly-purple buds. Mostly, it's bright greens and these stiff orange hairs. Really, this is frosted deliciously, and colored beautifully.

The inhale is hugely blackberry flavored, clean with centered berry and a tart kick as the exhale gets more generally fruity and sweet. A powerful aftertaste continues for a long time - pungent as can be, especially back in the sinuses.

This high settled quickly into a restful, chill indica sensation. I was wrapped in calm and just hung out for quite a while. I watched at least 4 episodes of Star Trek: Voyager on Netflix, and it was intense. There's a war on right now.

The end of this was variable. I chose to take a nap the first time I smoked it and it helped sweep me off to sleep. Another time, the first time while watching Voyager, I got up and went into other things with a clean ending to the indica relaxation.

Overall, this choose your own adventure type of indica ending is ideal. Sometimes I want a nap, and sometimes not. The flavor is rich and everything about this is clean and well cared for. A definitely chill experience.

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