Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Strawberry Tailgaterz (Pre-rolled) - Smokiez

Brand: Smokiez
Strain: Strawberry Tailgaterz
Hybrid" Caviar" Joint

Potency Analysis: TTL 25.7% THC 25.7% CBD 0.4%

Manufactured: 02/17/2016
Smoked: 03/11/2016

Cost: $25 / 1.2g pre-rolled caviar joint

Store: Sweet Leaf in Aberdeen, WA

Strawberry Tailgaterz Pre-roll - Smokiez AgingEnt.com

This is getting a written review, although it was smoked during the first attempt at recording Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 11 with Sweet Leaf budtender/manager Lisa Jackson (who is also co-host Aaron's fiance). There were technical and social difficulties, we sat down and smoked like 6 sativas in a row and everyone got a little freakish. We recorded a second time and it was exceptionally good - that is coming soon!

On opening this tube, the smell of (fake) strawberry filled the studio space. It was amazingly sweet, and reminded me entirely of e-cig vape juice strawberry. Both Aaron and Lisa vape heavy duty, and I used to be ridiculous about it for a couple years after quitting smoking tobacco. This had exactly the same strawberry-waxiness that the Flavorer's Apprentice (TFA) candy flavoring is known for.

This joint is perfectly tailored and manicured. It took no work to get burning perfectly. The fill is marijuana flower, into the center of which is rolled a little worm of sweet tasting concentrate, and all of the bud is liberally mixed with (estimated) 15-20% kief. This is heavy duty.

Flavor on this was massively sweet strawberry, with the wax aftertaste I described above - I know how they're flavoring it! The flower is clearly kind, it's supersmooth. There was as little coughing on this as there was need to manicure while it burned. It's just a great party smoke with exceptional clean feel and aftertaste. It also went around the table a few times - long smoking.

A wild, dancey and talkative high came over the group. We took flights of fancy and everyone was giggling hard. I remember Aaron saying something ridiculous, which set Lisa and Nicole, my Entwife, to giggles. The whole thing was just raucous, joyous fun.

Overall, this burned fantastic, tasted exceptional, delivered an impactful high, and was just overall awesome! I'm glad to have this somewhat belated review as this week's #TwistedTuesday joint! 

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