Tuesday, April 19, 2016

49°N Happy Daze (Pre-rolled) - Green Barn Farms

49°N Happy Daze - Green Barn Farms

We first enjoyed this awesome pre-roll on the Marijuana Encyclopedia 420 party which features Green Barn Farms and our friends at Rootworx. That's coming out tomorrow 4/20!

Green Barn Farms has some cool pre-roll packaging - they come in a perforated strip for retailers to hang. I mean, cardboard and blisterpacks aren't all that cool, but it is a change from the old squeeze-tops-to-open tube.  It's mature packaging.Plus, being able to buy a strip of joints is pretty cool. They are a bit tough to get into, but no more so than a mylar bag for edibles.

I like that these are in a bleached wrapper. I don't know what it is about them, but unbleached hemp papers seem to taste oily and rough to me - even when they're a premium brand like RAW. The roll is just about perfect. I smoked several of these, actually, and they were all close to perfect. I did minimal straightening or fiddling with the joints before they were ready to smoke.

On the inhale, this is fruity and light immediately. A sparkling quality rides through the first couple of inhales and it is just magical and tasty. That fruitiness disappears entirely as the joint smokes.

This has a huge variety of heavy terpenes in it - I can tell by the way this smokes. Look at the retrospective image. From in the packaging, down almost to the crutch. Because this was so terpalicious, I couldn't get any of these down to the actual end.

Once this starts smoking down that flavor profile changes completely. It gets much more husky, and the flavors become rich and earthy, really natural. It has a strong profile which my Entwife called incredibly masculine. This smoked almost like a cigar after the first third.  Flavors were chocolately and earthy, with a straw or hay aftertaste.

At one point, a few hits in a row made me cough hard and it was very productive coughing. This is an expectorant effect, and it is great for many people. That productive cough feels like it cleared my lungs right up.

While smoking, onset was a heavy jaw feel that spread from the throatiness of the smoke. Soon we felt ourselves smiling hard. This is uplifting! A little nose-run and teeth-tickle came along and everything got happy. We felt happy, uplifted, joyful .This was a thrilling high with intermittent shivers.

Overall, this was a mighty preroll. Every one looked and smoked nearly perfectly. The sungrown, wild nature of this flower is absolutely apparent on flavor profile, terpene content, and complexity of effect. It smoked great, had good effects.

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