Friday, April 29, 2016

Blue Dream CO2 Vape - Rootworx

Blue Dream CO2 Vape - Rootworx

I've only reviewed a few vape cartridges, but I used to vape ecigs. I took that hobby seriously, and did lots of private forum reviews of flavors and brands. A little like the Aging Ent, but much less intense and less rewarding. I quit smoking tobacco after 22 years, and ecig vaping after 2.

Co-host Aaron vapes ecigs and he even hosts Vape Church on Sundays at Big Cloud Vapor in Aberdeen, WA. Sometimes his vape cloud makes me want to go vape too. I don't want 0 nic, I don't want VG/PG in my life, so I grab a vape cart and take a few puffs then I'm good on that.

Most of the time, vaping CO2 isn't alwaysall that pleasant. In my experience, the CO2 can have a somewhat greasy, sardine edge on the flavor when it is slow heated or reheated against the vape coil. Not so with Rootworx's CO2. I posted about how tasty and delicious the Harlequin CO2 was, and this Blue Dream is the real deal too. 

On the way to an amazing post-4/20 party hosted by our friends at Seattle's Private Reserve, I shared this with several experienced vape enthusiasts. One guy, co-host Aaron's pal Axel, commented that it was the overall best tasting vape he had enjoyed so far.

This has a great color through the cartridge. On the inhale, the vape is delicate and has a sweetness on the center of the tongue. It spreads into a wide oil-heavy flavor. There's a slight fruitiness behind the slick rolling oily note. This has serious density - it takes a bit to heat up. I always leave my vape on a low wattage if I'm vaping on a cartridge. I kept this at 8-10W and it got a nice roast going. It produced a nice consistent, cool vape.

Exhaling is where the flavor comes out with a sweet, clean blueberry distinct throughout the palate. At the tail end is a concentrated sour sensation back in the mouth and on the inside of the lips. Aftersmell on this vape is magnificent with sweetness and blue smells that hang around. 

A swift uplift hits immediately, with a nice happy smile and good feelings. This has a nice calm center with elation as a side effect - one of my favorites.

Legs on this clean, uplifted high are remarkable. I vaped about 0.2g of this in one session and had a great time with it. Another way I enjoy this was just taking a few big vapes alongside a bowl of good flower. This is great on the go as it's super discrete and doesn't smell like marijuana at all.

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