Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Carnival Kush - Harmony Farms

Carnival Kush - Harmony Farms

I had Harmony Farms one time before - it's an older style review. I know that there were better products by this farm that is relatively new to me. My friend Cameron at the Kelso Freedom Market told me I should grab this chill indica-dominant hybrid.

Opening up the jar is a rich cheesy smell with sweet edges. There was a clear greenhouse note through the aroma on the jar and the flower. Broken down, this smell turns almost too sweet on this flower.

These nugs are definitely kind and frosty. They're gorgeous with (headless) trichromes sparkling and firm pale orange hairs everywhere. It's like tearing apart marshmallows.

That gardeny flavor carried over to the inhale with incredible sweetness a dominating force. Exhaling was a clean, vegetative tone but sweet powered through the center of the entire experience. It hung around on my lips for a while too.

Onset was creeping, eventually I felt a warm body relaxing sensation spread through all my muscles. I tried to help this along with a four part breath and relaxing my muscle groups in turn. It worked really well. I had no worries and near-perfect calmness. Ending was chill with relaxed aftereffects.

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