Friday, April 1, 2016

Chem Valley Kush - Honu

Chem Valley Kush - Honu

I'm in love with this complex concentrate. I got it at one of my favorite shops, the Freedom Market in Kelso, WA. They've got a huge selection of Honu products and $15 0.5 grams how can you argue? You can save a couple bucks, too, if you buy a gram at a time.

Inside this purple and pink bag, the smell reminds me of walking around a pond. There's a deep woody smell on the wax itself with interesting aromatic notes. Closer, it's warm and moist accented with sharp citrus of trichomes.

The texture on this was awesome. It's ostensibly wax, but looks like shatter, and had a nice sappy texture when rolled but it also had a solid snap when pulled. You can see the clarity on this amber-glass looking concentrate.

A clean trichome taste is on the inhale, with a slight moist or musty flavor on the hold. Exhaling had a taste like chantrelle mushrooms and a faint citrus hit. There is no flavor of chemicals, and was definitely well purged.

The high was instantaneous - it's an uplift right off the bat. Intense calmness settles in quickly - it's soothing. Steady energy is counterpoint to that settled calm. This is balanced on all levels and had remarkably long legs.

Overall, this well balanced hybrid has an amazingly complex smell and flavor, and the high is perfectly balanced and lasted a long time. This is perfect morning medicine that really leveled me out. 

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