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Cherry Magoo - Rootworx

Cherry Magoo - Rootworx

If you ask anyone who works with, creates, or reports numbers, they'll tell you one thing: Numbers lie. Doesn't matter what you are quantifying, numbers can be manipulated to mean whatever they do. We've spoken about analytics with several guests who have come on the Marijuana Encyclopedia - including some impassioned speech about these particular numbers from Ryan Galford of Rootworx when he returned with Rootworx Plant Manager Anna for our upcoming 4/20 Party special.

Numbers. Right now, the analytics for legal marijuana in Washington mean very little. There's virtually zero control, oversight, regulation. There are such loose criteria, when you consider what they're testing for and the impact on consumers and businesses - literally the whole fledgling industry. Even so, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board requires these labels. It's bureaucracy for the sake of bureaucracy.

Producer processors can go to 5 or 6 or 7 different labs to get lots containing marijuana from the same plants tested, and get wildly different numbers. However, they're not allowed to use the results of any re-test of the same lot of material. So whatever the analytics show, on the other side, is what must be on the label and there's nothing anyone at the overseeing, regulatory body will or can do even when it's grossly, vastly, obviously inaccurate information

The producer processor - the brand creating the marijuana - has no control over the labels, which is sensible. But, there is no recourse for obviously inaccurate labeling such as this. The WSLCB needs to address this - it's dangerous to customers and ruinous to the industry. Especially now that recreational and medical are rolling into one another, accurate labeling is hugely important. What if someone with virtually no tolerance encountered packaging this grossly inaccurate packaging and ends up having a really poor trip expecting this to be some docile 8% for grandma?

This is not 8% THC marijuana. 

Sorry for the rant, but this is a big deal. On to the review of this magnificent new strain from one of #WAPot's premium indoor brands.

I'm so stoked to enjoy this. They crossed a super-fragrant Cherry Pie strain with a deep Blue Magoo for this moderately-indica leaning hybrid.

Aroma on this is remarkable. The flower was only in the retail jar for 3 days when I opened it. A flood of huge bing cherry smell pours out, and weaving through that huge fruit is funky smell like diesel and feet. That red fruity note carries as an aftersmell in the sinuses.

Also at the table for our 4/20 party was Green Barn Farms President Stephen Jensen who commented on how tightly it was trimmed. Honestly, I expect a perfect trim when I open Rootworx products, and this exceeded my expectations, as well.

The flower is a wide range of greens from mint to forest green with massive, dense deposits of white trichromes in every crevice.  Trichromes are basically glands that excrete THC. Rich amber-orange hairs are matted into the crystals and poke out where they can. The bud fairly glows in any light.

Breaking this down, the flower is perfectly textured, flakes and crumbs of color and the trichromes stay on the flower for the most part. The cure on this is magnificent for pot this encrusted in crystals - if it were too dry, these would just shatter and scatter. The aroma expands mightily as well, with a deep rich cherry flavor but tinted slightly with that citrus-diesel edge to give it a sparkling quality.

Inhale on this is a rich, fruity adventure. There are definitely prominent red-fruit flavors. Cherry, deep grapes, and that funky diesel-feet flavor dominate the palate. Flavor rolls around with this and on the exhale even sweeter bing cherry flavor shines through ending with a moderately vegetative, but sweet, end. The end kind of surprised me. There's no dark green vegetative notes throughout the smoke until then.

Onset of the high was basically instantaneous. My sinuses felt pressure, my forehead and cheeks started sloping forward, and I had a cool euphoric feel that was a solid uprushing of positive emotion through the center of my being. While my body was planted to my chair, the uprushing sensation would come and go throughout the high, with a feeling like leaning over a precipice striking through me repeatedly. Almost dizzy with the euphoria.

Body sensations had the longest legs on this, with a general sense of warmness and well being lasting quite a while. I enjoyed this as well as a morning indica, and it did a great job of 'quieting the voices' as it were, but also wasn't such deep that I relaxed instead of started the day.

Overall, I'm super-pissed that the numbers on this jar are so wrong. It might mean that no one else gets to smoke this. This product is probably in the neighbohood of 18-22% total cannabinoids, or even higher, based on my experience. Flavors were outright intense, sensations were steady and long-lasting, the price is incredibly right for this premium indoor marijuana.

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