Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Colville Purps - Green Barn Farms

Colville Purps - Green Barn Farms

We enjoyed this originally on the upcoming Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 14, but this special flower needs it's own highlighted review. This is some 100% Sungrown, #WayBeyondOrganic, Certified Kind, Clean Green legal marijuana. It's fantastic, and the more I experience the marijuana, the more I appreciate it.

Color on this is insane. The purple presence is magnificent, almost black in places. The greens are rich jade and bright lime colors.

There is a leathery quality to the cure on the flower. It's dry, but it doesn't crack or crumble. Flower and hairs maintain their form when manipulated. It's a great quality and a perfect cure.

Berry aromas dominate the smell. A small, pale hint of vegetable smells drift through the aroma, dry and forgotten. A sweet smell comes through as well, like just made simple syrup.

Inhaling is rich, sweet berry and grape, like a deep ruby port wine. It's got a solid masculine feel to the smoke, a quality that several Green Barn Farms products have. That's something coming from the awesome soil in their all natural farm, I bet. It has a really vegetative feel to it, and presence with a slight earthy tang.

The high is really happy and uplifted. It sets in on the middle of face, then spreads out into all existence. I fairly floated off my chair and got right to doing things. The happiness lasted with me all day. I love this for emotional balance.

Overall, this sungrown marijuana has awesome coloration and texture, exceptional aromas, a rich set flavor profile, and happiness is a side effect - plus it's grown in an extremely natural, pure way.

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