Thursday, April 14, 2016

Death Star - Rootworx

Death Star - Rootworx

This cool new Indica strain from our friends at Rootworx is amazing. We smoked it on the coming 4/20 Special Marijuana Encyclopedia, but it deserved it's own review.

Opening the jar on this is a massively diesel smell. Citrus is a big tone throughout the aroma - this is a general, clean and crisp kind of citrus but I can't pin down any particular fruit in this smell. This diesel sticks deep in the sinuses and hangs around for a long time after. I love this kind of funk - and COO/Head Grower/Googler Ryan Galford of Rootworx is definitely doing it right on a ton of strains. Breaking it down leaves a funkfog hovering.

The bud itself is fluffy and light, but feels crisp and dense. Hairs are present all over the flower, matted and clumped in some places. Colors are diverse and range from mint to dark pine green. The nug cracks open, with a crispness that comes from dark drying and cold curing, something that Rootworx is doing great. Trichomes shatter and scatter when you crack the nug down, but when grinding it they stick pretty tightly on the flower - and fingers. It's some truly crispy marijuana.

On the inhale, citrus is omnipresent. Many hits are incredibly limey - the most present of citrus tones in the taste. Others are lemony-diesel, and some had as orange a flavor as the Orange Crush by Green Barn Farms. Overall, the lime prevails and leaves a clean, refreshed sort of aftertaste. There's a slight little mouthfeel of presence in the inner cheeks and lips.

The high sets on instantly in the face, cheeks, forehead. My nose got high as hell, too. My brows were very heavy and this became some serious Sit Down Now kind of experience. I kicked back and relaxed into a chill, relaxed, and restful feel. I was able to calmly chill and just be for a while. It was magnificent. Later, this was great TV watching weed, and it definitely had a restful end.

Overall, this magnificient lime-diesel indica is potent and definitely leaves you obliterated.

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