Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Durban Poison - the Hempire Co

Durban Poison - the Hempire Co
I picked this up when I revisited 420 Carpenter - that tour will be posting in early May. This visit was entirely different from my first review! Wow, so different - I can't wait to share it. Go visit there if you get the chance!

Amazing, high-energy, kind of wacky budtender Brian lead me to the Hempire Co. I had just picked up some of their extracts for review from my new local Gypsy Greens (also with a tour/review coming in May!) and I was super down to try their flower. Durban Poison is as true a Sativa as you can know.

These flowers are super crisp, sparkling with trichromes and these thin, dark hairs tight to the bud. Color is pine green to lime green, with tight flowers that have the least shimmer of purple. This definitely hits the Durban phenotype for looks and feel. Breaking the bud it crisply crumbles and the hairs turn to powder, dark among the sparkling trichromes.

The smell on the bud is faint, vegetative. It's got a clean outdoor growing space smell on it. It doesn't get much more pronounced when broken down.

On the inhale it's sagey, but dried like inexpensive seasonings. The exhale is sparkling with those trichromes, just like the bud looked, and the experience got much better. It was still crisply vegetative, clean and outdoor tasting.

This was a shot to dome! I got instantly active, uplifted, my head got swimmingly happy, and I got so energetic! It was super fast. Fastest feeling and shortest legs I've encountered in a long time. I have to say Budtender Brian nailed the effect for me - perfectly described as a quick, head high, intense but short lived. This ended clean as could be and left with a nice clear-headed aftereffect.

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