Saturday, April 2, 2016

Dutch Hawaiian - Harvest

Dutch Hawaiian - Harvest
This is a brand new to me. I picked this up as a recommendation from Budtender Jordan at Cannabis 21. She said this is the sativa I needed in my life, and she was right!

Opening the bag, this was mildly scented. It stayed close to the bud, which is all sorts of greens. There are pockets of thick crusting of golden trichromes and amber hairs peek out everywhere. It smells slightly like red fruits and has a sourness.  Breaking it down, the smell on this is intensely sour. 

Inhaling is deep, rich cherry. It's robust and fills the palate. An exhale leaves a deep sourness throughout the center palate, and the back of my teeth got that pinch from sour. I salivated hard exhaling this and drooled all over my pipe and arm. The sour hit on this was intense.

Immediately, there was strong uplift. This is remarkably clear, and lead me to a mental focus stronger than I have had recently. This is intense Sativa. If I were sensitive to sativa highs, I'd stay away from this. It could tip over into edginess easily. For me though, it was the intensity I wanted. Legs on this awesome sativa were huge.

Overall, flavor on this was massively sour - surprisingly so. The high was potent too, clarity and sharpness in my focus. The high lasted and lasted, this was a great mid-day pick me up.

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