Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dutch Treat - Uncle Rudi's

Dutch Treat - Uncle Rudi's

This brand is totally new to me. I picked this up when I most recently visited Cannabis 21 in Aberdeen, WA - one of my favorite farmer's markets in the world in one of the coolest regions in the state. Grays Harbor is an exceptional area for legal marijuana - each of the many stores there is unique, and they all generally have different featured brands. You can get so much exceptional, premium marijuana in that part of Washington.

This flower looks decent, and came at a good price. Their tag line is "Quality Consistency Value". I can appreciate that mantra! This is a new brand to my table, and I'm glad I picked this up.

A nice clean, fresh smell emanated from the flower. This fresh, pleasant earthy smell was strong!

On the inhale, the earthiness is real! This is what I expect from a Dutch Treat. Exhale is all the sweetness on top of that awesome earthy tone. It's known for the sweet-edged, clean earthiness and this product hits home exactly on that profile.

My high was awake and attentive. I was focused, uplifted and happy. This was my morning smoke a couple days in a row and it really did me right. This was overall perfectly balanced with a mellow relaxation alongside the attentive uplift.

Overall, this is a great first time with this brand. It was a great price and the phenotype was landed exactly - flavor profile and effect. This is an outstanding Dutch Treat.

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