Thursday, April 7, 2016

G Cut Wax - Seattle's Private Reserve

G Cut Wax - Seattle's Private Reserve

Last Saturday, I had the great opportunity to sit down with Mihn, a founder of the premium SPR brand and SPR's waterhash guru Cody - we recorded #Ep13 coming soon. I'm excited about the visit, but not quite ready to post the podcast (they take quite a bit of work!).  We'll talk about the history and roots of this strain even more.

I decided to round out my experience with their G Cut strain. I reviewed the G Cut flower recently, as well as G Cut Live Resin. Also, on the Marijuana Encyclopedia #Ep10 we had this strain in one of the best pre-rolls I've ever had - 3 gram 4 packs going for $15! I love this strain, and this wax is no different.

This is a clean orange color, glistening and goopy. It's a bit waxy and blobby in the jar. It takes just the least little bit of work to get it to sit still long enough to scoop up onto a dabber. A clean orange smell holds tightly, chemical orange.

On the inhale this is incredibly tangy, orange is present in all parts of the mouth and palate and sinuses. Under this is a somewhat acerbic chemical tang, but this is there for just a flash. Exhaling is a heavy moment where it returns, but overall it's smooth smooth!

Instantly, and aggressively, this is a massive dopey feel in the sides of my head. This had a quick onset. The massive indica body feel on this stuck me forcibly to my chair for a few minutes, while my brain went rambling off into a sideways spiral of wild rambling.

The effects on this were heavy throughout, from beginning, middle, and end. Legs on this were long, and I had leftover effects hours later.

Overall, this is a fantastic product. It's a great preparation of this awesome strain, and I love it. I can legitimately say I love every single method, preparation, and type of G Cut.

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