Saturday, April 23, 2016

Harlequin CO2 - Rootworx

Harlequin CO2 - Rootworx

Rootworx is a legal marijuana producer processor in Washington state, licensed to make recreational cannabis products. Even if there are significant medical effects of the products they are producing, they are not allowed to discuss those medical effects in any way, or present their product as a medicine. Harlequin is a purpose-bred strain. What that purpose is, Rootworx won't and can't tell you.

Meanwhile, I know that Harlequin was built to be a high-CBD strain, as CBD has huge medical impact for a wide array of diseases, but have shown especial medical effect in childhood seizure disorder and autism - two heart-wrenching conditions. In this case, this Harlequin CO2 is damn potent at over 50% CBD.

These high-CBD strains were originally developed by growers looking to find ways to provide medical relief. You don't need to be suffering a debilitating condition to enjoy CBDs - many people can find huge relief from these type of preparations. Especially as it can be eaten for full effect - this has been decarboxylized in processing. No need to smoke, which makes these preparations of Cannabis Oil fantastic for treating children and anyone else who does not want to smoke. I, however, chose to dab this preparation.

The consistency is magical. When I visited and toured Rootworx, Ryan had to remove a large amount of fresh Harlequin CO2 from an applicator like this.

The color on this is remarkable as well. You can see the on that is spread thin has an almost perfect transparency. It's got the lightest of golden hues and flows really well. 

A clean aroma clings to the concentrate, it's soapy and smells like pressed flowers. On the inhale, the flavor holds those same elements - soapy and floral. The floral note is robust at first then calms quickly to a general sweet floral tone.. It's an incredible, unique flavor and has a pretty strong aftertaste that stays on the tongue.

When I tasted some of this directly, it had all these same flavors. The flavor stuck to the mouth for a short eternity, with it a waxy sensation the extract. Really though, I was tasting this a half hour later. It's really unique with a wild floral-spice kind of sensation. Not hot spice, just tasty spice. 
On the dab, this hit me immediately with a slow warming sensation. There's a bit of THC and it gave me a nice quick rushing feel on the exhale, but that is about it. A few minutes later I felt myself loosen up considerably. All my muscles began to relax and I was drawn to stretch. 

Minutes into this I realized I wanted to lie down, so I did. Then I napped. I felt better waking up from that nap than I have in weeks. I don't always want to nap when I dab this, but I always do feel loosened and with my muscles relaxed. 

Overall, this extract of Harlequin, for me, has brief head effects but incredible body sensations, I was warmed and rested. The quality on this is remarkable - look at the color and flow! This purpose-bred plant is fun for recreation but critical to healing. 

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