Monday, April 4, 2016

Lemon Twilight - Green Barn Farms

Lemon Twilight - Green Barn Farms
See the top of the post! This month, the site is sponsored in part by an awesome 100% outdoor company. I'm going to talk quite a bit about Green Barn Farms. They are Way Beyond Organic with both Certified Kind and Clean Green certified farms in their co-op.

The marijuana they grow in a variety of places in the Washington sun is all grown to more strict standards than the USDA Organic requirements for the most expensive food you can buy. It's that simple - they're Way Beyond Organic, and it shows in the product.

Take a look at that flower, with it's magnificent mint and pine combination of greens, with sturdy, reaching amber-sienna hairs. They have hooked ends and look like they're ready to go! The bud feels outdoorsy, with a sturdiness to the stalk and a density to the bud structure that only comes from standing up to the weather. It's gorgeous in every way.

An aroma of flowers hangs around the bud, and under it wet sage. It has a lemonpeel note to the smell which spreads into a more general citrus tone when manipulated.

The start of the hit is immensely, intensely herbacious. Growing sage and clean dandelion greens take over. Right through the center of these big garden flavors is a lemony smoothness that bridges the way to a spicy end with with lots of throat hit.

I was instantly stoned. Before this spicy throat hit finished, I was experiencing side to side euphoria that had me almost rocking in my seat. I headed up quickly on an uplift. The rest of this was seesawing between serious and focused then silly and dancey. Productivity came and went, but happiness and joy persisted.

Overall, I'm instantly impressed because I got instantly stoned. This outdoor is super clean, this may actually be the most clean cannabis I have smoked in the rec market. The company is amazing, they get 4.20% of profits from their co-op to charities. Everything about this legal, recreational marijuana is fantastic and I love it. Thanks Green Barn Farms for the sponsorship, and the awesome marijuana!

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