Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 15 - 420 Party 2016

This podcast is with our Sponsors and we had an amazing time celebrating legal marijuana and demonstrating the vast differences between a premium indoor facility run on science and rocket plasma lighting compared to a premium sungrown farm run on sunlight and local manure.

Ryan Galfordhomie of the show and COO of Rootworx brought along Anna Kantzer, Plant Manager. That just means she does everything. He also brought me a pretty cool gift to store my weed! My new TMNT Lunchbox!

Also at the table was Stephen Jensen, President of Green Barn Farms. They do magnificent sungrown in conditions that are perfect for plant growth, using super-local soil amendments. He brought a jar full of marijuana products. I can't wait to visit them near this year's havest time.

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