Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Orange Crush - Green Barn Farms

Orange Crush - Green Barn Farms

Orange Crush Another Way - Green Barn Farms

I love everything from Green Barn Farms that has been on my table. In fact, this Orange Crush was the first product from Green Barn that I smoked. It had impressive effects, and so I went and got a couple more grams of it to put into rotation.

The smell on the flower is bright and sharp, sweet tangerine. I'm impressed by the fleshy nature of the aroma. It's present through a leafy, vegetative smell. Odor expanded mightily when broken down, kicking it up to juicy-orange deliciousness that stuck to my fingertips.

The cure is pretty much perfect on this. The buds are an array of greens that remind me of the prickly pear growing everywhere when I lived in Tucson. It's not spikey pot, but the colors are that lively, bright green. Orange, present hairs are woven throughout the flower. After being crumbled, the bud holds it's color range, and these hairs hold up to interaction well.

On the inhale, you know this was grown in the sun, in great soil. A rich earthiness, and vegetative crispness is on the taste. That orange from the scent is just a hue in the flavor here - like the smell on the unbroken bud, it tastes pale. Exhaling is a more general smokey-flowers flavor which ends with a solid, satisfying cough after a few big hits. A nice tangerine hint sticks around on the lips a long time after smoking this.

The high here is instantaneously happy and thoughtful. Thoughts were complex and productive. I feel like I solved several weighty issues while smoking this. One interesting effect was that speaking was basically impossible. I was mute. My wife was mute. We were both inside our heads, thinking ourselves crazy and unable to speak. Not only did we not want to speak, generally, but when we did want to speak we eventually chose to stay silence. When we had to speak, there was a serious struggle to get the words out. This was a profound and unique effect.

Overall, the mental activity this strain brought was amazing. My thoughts were quick and resolute. The muteness is a bit weird but I'll take it. I can imagine times this would be fantastic - yoga, a walk in the woods, and more. The flavors were pretty great, and the aroma was tangerine as can be. I like this sungrown strain.

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