Monday, April 25, 2016

P-51 BHO - Rootworx

P-51 BHO - Rootworx

I love P-51. This strain is outstanding, and I've had it several times, in several preparations.  We had flower earlier this month, with huge fruity flavors and deep relaxation. Then I reviewed the P-51 Rosin, and no one in Washington's recreational market is doing rosin like Rootworx does. That's a fact.

In our 4/20 Special, Ryan Galford of Rootworx shared that the extract itself is done by our friends at Honu. They're doing clean, clear, well-purged concentrates. This BHO holds true to that reputation.

The color is super amber, and it's got the consistency of hard candy. There's a slick sheen on it too. Breaking it, it shatters into good sized shards, without wrecking the slab. It takes quite a bit of warming up before it gets any plasticity. You can totally interact with this with fingertips. I had no problem breaking small to medium bites.

This slickness, hard candy aspect did lead to the concentrate sliding out of the parchment paper it came wrapped in, when I putting this in and out of it's packet. Especially if it is something exquisite like this, I like to keep the product the way it came packaged. It's keeping respect for the whole retail experience, I feel.

On the inhale this is very sweet. It has soft mouthfeel as it passes in and feels like chubby smoke. It's got some substance to it. A mildly floral edges heavy, sweet fruitiness. There's an immediate bite to the extract that is just not there on the rosin. It's not bad, I think part of it is I've been being a snob and dabbing tastes of rosin throughout the day all month long, since I have it around. Some part of it is the standard bite of the presence of a solvent in extraction.

The afterfeel tastes like marshmallow in the mouth, that almost dusty coating of softness, but the afterflavor is faint potpourri under fresh berry for the briefest moment, then it fades away.

An instantaneous uplifting rushes through me every time I dab this. This extract threw me around and spun me left, right, down, and around. When I was sitting back facing this primary dimension, I was stoned. Deep body relaxation sank in I was chill as could be. This mellowed me out, slowed me down, and relaxed me.

This BHO has a medicinal effect to me, and is an excellent treatment for anxiety and it significantly helps de-stress. I had a massive dab of this at one point and I basically exhaled, stumbled to my bed, and passed right the hell out in a super-relaxed state of mind. I needed this as it was truly stressful that day. Put m down.

Overall, I love P-51 in every single extraction I've encountered it in. The flavors are intense, the effects are massive, and the quality is just outstanding. Go get you some Rootworx P-51, their custom strain with huge fruit flavor and deep indica hit.

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