Saturday, April 9, 2016

P-51 - Rootworx

P-51 - Rootworx

This strain is complex, and there's so much to say about it.  The name is homage to Rootworx COO's father - an Air Force pilot - and father-in-law, who has a love for Ford Mustangs. Very cool stuff, and it speaks to the awesome that is the already-legendary heritage of Rootworx.

COO Ryan Galford sat down with us on the Marijuana Encyclopedia and shared some of the Rootworx story, which is largely his personal story - plus an amazing team and an unimaginable amount of hardwork. I also got the great chance to tour/review Rootworx, which is just a super awesome, premium indoor operation.

This P-51 is legendary, and for good reason. The aroma on this is hugely fruity. There's rich, sweetness of fruit with a wideness to the smell. Breaking it down became super complex, there's dark berries and that grapefruit-diesel that I taste on this every time I smoke it.

On the inhale is a huge tropical fruit flavor, with robust, deep fruit flavors in the inhale and the exhale became a citrusy, pungent taste. I did not get much of the grapefruit until the third or so hit from my bowl. It took some time to terp up in the flavor profile on this jar. The end of the bowl has a complex, wide flavor that sticks to the tongue and stays for a long time.

Almost instantly, there's a nice heady dopey feeling. For me it starts in the head and then sinks into me from all over. I'm surrounded by relaxation, and my body calms down as it soaks into me. I exhale the delicious smoke and a chillaxation settles over me - emphasis on the physical chill.

Our voices were like musical instruments. Everyday words were musical, magical, we spoke a symphony.  A deep body relaxation came along at the tail of this late-day high and lead into a restful sleep. Legs were very long and my dreams were vivid and memorable - rare for me.

Overall, P-51 is one of my favorite strains. It's so complex and cared for so well, with rich flavors and restful effects. I love this and I try to have some around all the time.

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