Monday, April 18, 2016

P-51 Rosin - Rootworx

P-51 Rosin - Rootworx

Earlier this month, I tasted the latest harvest of this delicious flower. I am super stoked for our 4/20 Special that will feature both Rootworx and Green Barn Farms! It was a blast and I worked on the audio from our party while hitting this hard indica rosin in high-temp dabs.

Rootworx Head Googler Ryan Galford is just nailing every batch of rosin. There are no other recreational cannabis brands squishing rosin like Rootworx is. He's willing to experiment and work to nail the purest, cleanest solvent-less extractions.

Like their other rosin products, this is just painted onto the parchment. Ryan explains in coming Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 15 that he does this so you can see it's beauty. There's a shimmering golden hue that iridesces a pale springy green.

It's like microns-thick glass, shattering easily at first. The moment you start working this rosin, it gets warm and goopy. This sticks to everything. I let it sit in the freezer for under 30 seconds and it got super firm and workable once again. I love the different textures of this pure plant extract.

A citrus-diesel smell clung to this rosin. Generally, rosin doesn't carry a huge amount of aroma, but Rootworx knows what they're doing. The inhale was hugely floral, and the exhale a fantastically complex. It was so massively fragrant. The dabcloud was robust and intense, surrounding my head for what seemed like minutes.

Onset for this high was immediate, with a rushing side-on effect of body heaviness. I was settled and seated, or I probably would have fallen over. Then I got hit by massive euphoria that also came to me from the side and rung me like a bell.

I got a lift of intense happiness then settled down into relaxation. My eyes barely worked. This was chill and relaxed throughout. I was stuck to the couch a while and everything was duh. I de-stressed and then had a nice, soft ending. There wasn't much leftover tired feeling like that kind of heavy high often leaves.

Rosin in general, being the heat-and-pressure extract from kief that it is, often leaves a dark residue on your nail or banger. In this case, the reside was insane. My super clean quartz banger went basically all black before the smoke cleared the water. It was just intense as could be - lots of vegetative matter involved, while staying as truly clean tasty as can be.

I appreciate this product so much, and it's really made things much more tolerable. We went from having the Best Day Ever to being broken down on the side of the road hungry, thirsty, and hot. Got home and spent the rest of the day medicating my brain with this deep indica.

Overall, this rosin preparation of my favorite strain by Rootworx is impeccably executed, and every part of it is outstanding.

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