Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Purple Dawg (Pre-rolled) - Green Barn Farms

Purple Dawg - Green Barn Farms

Like the 49°N Happy Daze from last week, this Purple Dawg pre-roll is perfectly wrapped. The product came in the cool plastic-and-cardboard blister pack. At first, I was a little worried I might break a joint removing them, because it is a bit unconventional. By time I got through the first few, I was much more comfortable taking them out. I was even sloppy and careless with a couple of these and they still came out perfect.

The smell on the product is softly cocoa with an earthy edge and coffee-grounds aftersmell. A barely perceptible fruitiness is in the smell.

Firing it up, the flavor is instantly grapey. It's artificial grape purple, like an Alexander the Grape chewy candy.  There's a great vegetative note on the palette throughout. It's a cool mix of growing green veg flavor and artificial sweet, with clean earthiness below. The sweetness takes on a tree sap characteristic. As this rolls, the flavors maintain their fruity flavor - the grape and berry go round between each other.

Towards the end of this joint, when it starts getting nice and dark terp buildup on the paper, the flavor shifts considerably. There is a hint to that chocolate note on the aroma and coffee, earthy notes take over from that berry-grape. Throughout it all, the sweet holds strong.

Before I finished this joint. This had lots of face/nose effect as well, starting very early into the joint smoking and by time we were coughing on the terpy end we all felt like we were floating away with balloon heads.

Euphoria struck, and this mild indica had me stumbling. Legs on this were huge and it ended incredibly smoothly. This was a great pre-roll experience that burned smoothly and cleanly.

Overall, the flavors were potent and present, and changed dramatically through the smoke. This burned great. It's exactly what I expect of the magnificent sun-grown from Green Barn Farms.

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