Friday, April 1, 2016

Satsop Nuclear - Sweet As

Satsop Nuclear - Sweet As!
This cannabis brand is often on my table, and I've seen them go through 3 different labels so far. I like this new iteration, even the fogginess of the mylar window. It holds a purpose - which is to keep UV light from decomposing the THC in your marijuana down into THC-V (which is what causes the "headache in a bag" effect). I'll gladly give up a little visibility for longer shelf life. The price on this is great, Sweet Leaf has this as a featured brand in their boutique collection.

Opening this is a vegetative smell right away. It's somewhat herbal. This cannabis breaks down into crisp piles. The dark colored bud and pale trichromes are mixed with orange hairs that are flakey when crushed. The smell spreads just a small amount when broken down.

The inhale is clean and vegetative. It is definitely fresh and clean, like fresh cut beans only lightly blanched then barely seasoned. The exhale is pretty smooth but the smoke expands heavily and the aftertaste is a rough smokiness. I coughed a few seconds after exhaling every single hit of this marijuana. This left me with a rough burned feeling in the lungs. I quit smoking cigarettes years ago, and I hated this feeling when I did smoke - pretty unpleasant.

A dopey feeling sets on fast. This is very sit-down marijuana. I stared into space, and giggled at nothing. This was really intensely dopey and had huge legs. A dancey feel bubbled up several times and the giggles turned to wiggles for a bit - then laziness hit. Mostly, this was sit and be marijuana.

Overall, I dig a chill smoke like this. The flavors weren't super impressive, but nicely clean and natural. This is clean grown pot, and it's a deal!

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