Thursday, April 21, 2016

Space Turtle - Honu

Space Turtle BHO - Honu

Space Turtle is an amazing Sativa-dominant strain and Honu is doing a great job with this extraction. Their process always results in such clean tasting product.

While this looks like a serious shatter from many angles, when warmed by basic manipulation, the shatter starts to become much more like moist brown sugar. A little manipulation and 'whipping' and it turns into the nicest taffy texture, with those crisp sugar-crystal nuggets holding form.

The smell on this was truly complex. There's deep rich, soil and earthy flavors but on top of that was a shimmering citronella aroma and in the center were sweet tree-fruits. That was just on the aroma!

Inhaling the dab was magical. It had HUGE smoke, expanding massively into my lungs. The smoke was also really wide, making my head stretch. Flavors were that clean soil richness, wrapped in bright citrus taste. The earthiness was very sweet in aftertaste.

I was instantly struck by a sideways high. Massive, expanding euphoria spread through my being and expanded my consciousness until I filled the room. I was giggling with the huge head high when I realized my body disappeared. The euphoria settled down quite a bit, but that muscle relaxation stuck around. This lasted for a very long time.

Overall, I not only love turtles, I really love Space Turtles. This has great texture, the flavors are right up my alley, immediate head effects were solid, while the legs on this great body high were huge.

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