Friday, April 8, 2016

Summit Valley Royalty - Green Barn Farms

Summit Valley Royalty - Green Barn Farms
Way Beyond Organic is more than a tagline. It's important to know what you're putting into your body when you relax with legal marijuana. For many people, being sure you consume organic is a priority. I also know quite a few people who feel that smoking outdoor marijuana is an important priority because sun grown cannabis is ecologically sound cannabis.

I will admit, I often smoke indoor marijuana, but I completely understand the difference in energy usage of indoor compared to outdoor marijuana. Electricity generation is a primary cause of several types of environmental pollution, and indoor marijuana definitely has a large carbon footprint.

Not only does Green Barn Farms' sungrown use less energy, but because they're Clean Green and Certified Kind, it is super clean as well. This allows the real flavors of the marijuana and the soil shine through.

The Summit Valley Royalty has got a dense flower for a sativa, and each of the small, protruding buds had chunks of trichromes clumping everywhere. Breaking this down was a treat. One thing that is definitely noticable on outdoor marijuana is the density of the stem. This had slightly more stem than I would prefer for a single gram package.

The smell here is clean and lemony. The center note of lemon-citrus is accompanied by a light springy vegetative aroma. There's a hint of pine on the smell once it's broken down and the citrus expands hugely then.

On the inhale, there's big presence. It's got strong throat hit. You know you are smoking. Immediately, the flavors are robust and strongly vegetative. After burning a moment, the immediate robust flavor calms down. The flower burned for a long time. The terpy second half of the bowl had a nice chocolate tone, and hazelnut flavors came out.

This is magnificent and I want to smoke a joint of it for that finish flavor. I had a strong expectorant and coughing effect throughout, my lungs opened up afterward and it was definitely easier to breath. These Washington pollens are giving me allergies - it is my first spring here and the Royalty might save me.

A warm pulsating sensation started behind my eyes, like the eyeballs were being gently massaged. This spread throughout my head and warmed my ears with a brief buzzy sensation. This turned into a spiraling climb which plateaued nicely.

The high got quiet, almost mute, and my thoughts were fast. I had focus and intensity, however it was only for silly things that were of no consequence, and cats on the internet. Legs were decent, and I had that energized uplift that hung around throughout the high.

Overall, there are several great effects of this marijuana - the expectorant/open lung feeling was great, and I loved the climbing high. My productivity was excellent, and might I add the terped flavor profile was delicious.

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