Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sweet Pebbles (Pre-rolled) - Bonsai

Sweet Pebbles - Bonsai
I got this on my first trip to the Evergreen Market in Auburn, WA. This is the second location for the brand, and they're really awesome. I love everything about the design, the people were amazing individuals. I was surprised at many little details and big. We've got a review coming in the future about this awesome new retailer.

The pre-roll is pretty good condition for a joint in a mylar bag. It required very little maintenance and manicuring before being ready to fire up. Inside this joint is a great mix of flower and just the least little sign of trim usage.

Aroma was fruity and sweet, overpowering almost. This was high power scent. It continues through the smoke.

On the inhale, it's fruity with red berries and dark grape notes throughout. Later, after terpenes build up, this grape turns to a real sour grape flavor. It's pretty great. The exhale is lime, cherry, and other fruity flavors. My Entwife called it the best fruit salad flavor, and I agree! Aftertastes of sour flavors linger.

A rushing sativa uplift comes from this high, and it is quick. This makes me rush into activity, I wanted to do all the things. I actually did accomplish a bunch of of tasks, and the clear headed focus on this was great. Legs were decent and the end was pretty chill.

Overall, this is a great Twisted Tuesday joint. This was a deal, the high was potent and smoking it was delicious.

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