Saturday, May 7, 2016

Alien Ripper - Cannabis NW DABS

Alien Ripper - DABS

This concentrate is incredible.

The container is a traditional gem case with a slick little silicone cup inside. I have seen these before, but I believe this is the first retail package of concentrate that came this way. I greatly prefer this packaging to just a gem case. Per package, this costs quite a bit, and they use 3 distinct stickers as well.

This is like amber glass. It has the same consistency and sheen as Pebbles Candy. Pressing against it, it shattered all over the place. A more slow, gentle pressure lets it separate with a jagged break.

On the inhale this is super smooth and while holding, the flavor is like swiss cheese in a can. Then exhale. It is sharp and has massive potpourri flavor, like the aroma of Dollar Store air freshener. Artificiality is present. There's a bite in the back of the sinuses as well.

There is instantly a huge head sensation. Moments after the exhale there is a gross, slimy afterfeel in the sinuses, face, and inside of my braincase. It hung around for a while. Emotional uplift was accompanied by being deeply interested and deeply focused on nothing. I stared into the center of my monitor, deaf and unable to move my mouse for quite a while.

When I took smaller bites of this great, sharp shatter, the front of my head lead me through a party in the rest of the universe. It was truly happy and uplifted with an actual focus on tasks at hand.

Overall, this was well made, sharp, sativa shatter. I can't wait to dab some more of this concentrate.

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