Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bubble Gum Shatter - the Hempire Co.

Bubble Gum Shatter - the Hempire Co

I just recently had some great the Hempire Co. Durban Poison. I loved it, and couldn't turn down this awesome looking Bubble Gum shatter that was a damn good deal too.

This is a great container, with a little silicone sleeve inside of the jewel case. Twisting the lid, a fruity-citrus scent wafts out but isn't too strong.

This amber color fairly glows. The product's consistency is perfect too. I broke this open and had the first dab of while cranking out Sound of Silence by Disturbed. I love the intonations in this song.

On the inhale here is a huge sweet, fruitiness. It's totally a bubble gum exhale and aftertaste, like massive gumballs from a vending machine. Right at the end is a bit of chemical funk that barely passes through. Meanwhile, there's a sharpness in the mouth but the hit is overall very smooth.

This had an instant, balanced high. There's a great happy, uplifted energetic feeling that comes on strong and sticks around. It's coupled by truly medical, pain relief in the body. Shoulder tension melted away. This had huge legs.

Overall, this is an incredible product. The price is right, it's exceptionally well processed and clean. Effects are profound, balanced, and long lasting.

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