Friday, May 13, 2016

Evergreen Market in Auburn, WA

I drove a couple hours to visit the Evergreen Market in Auburn, WA, just days after they opened the doors. This is the second location for this retailer. We went there hunting some product, and I was struck by the artistic expression and beauty of the store.

Walking up to the store, the beautiful lasercut steel sign glimmered in the bright spring sunshine. Walking up, I saw their Evergreen Express window, then went inside. I was greeted with a sign displaying the specials, and the most incredible artisan-made gate. "Chill here" I saw. So I did. I admired the all reclaimed barnwood, with the vines used coming from a family farm. This is such a striking feature.

One of the great staff members comes to open the door, where the previous customer is bade farewell, and the next customer in line is welcomed after their ID is checked. It's a great way to make sure everyone gets personal attention. I definitely felt that attention right from entering.

This store is incredibly beautiful. Walking in some highlights are the many lighted signs, the laser-cut stainless steel icons for each display area, the THC molecule on the floor, the bar seating and education area, the wall of freaking glass! This whole place is incredible.

The detail in the design is just staggering, each part of it is pleasing to the eye and draws attention cleanly.  It wasn't until I was heading out that I looked up and saw the incredible clerestory.

Evergreen Market in Auburn - Entry and Store

The Evergreen Market has each class of marijuana spread out in different displays. Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, Concentrates. There are an incredible array of products, strains, and brands on display. They also have one of the biggest selections of High-CBD products I have ever seen.

This was one of just two ever visits to a marijuana store where I knew what I was leaving with when I went in the door. I came here hunting Green Barn Farms 100% Sungrown Clean Green, Certified Kind #WayBeyondOrganic cannabis.

I know the Evergreen Market is a great store because of the exceptional brands on their shelves. You can see our friends at Tiller, the awesome Harmony Farms, and Seattle's Private Reserve. So many other brands I've never heard of but look forward to.


Nearest the door are the Edibles and Drinkables. The selection here is great, with all the best of Washington's selection - our good friends at Honu were represented here - I heard later it was the first day that product was on the shelves. I love the shot I grabbed.

They have a tall, cold display of one of my favorite Washington infused beverages - Legal Sparkling Tonic. Also on display, Spot products - they're always a good value.

Edibles and Drinkables

Art is great. Exceptional brands are just that. Cool design draws the eye. What really makes a place is the people. These people give caring, individual attention.

I met Budtender Mike who was in a way different industry before this. Now he works to help manage the Evergreen Market and has a particular love for guiding people in their marijuana journey. He feels the opportunity to engage customers one on one is key to loving his job. Caring is the soul of the Evergreen Market.

His experiences lead him in a roundabout, unexpected way to legal marijuana from a business background. Another great person I met, Budtender CJ, said her path was a bit more intentional.

She came here to Washington to take part in the legalization and normalization of cannabis for medicine and recreation. She's working on changing her life for the more healthful physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Marijuana is a big part of her journey.

I really enjoyed the openness of the staff here, and everyone I spoke to really knew the products on their shelves. Thanks to the Nameless Customer who let me take his photo while he was picking out a new piece of glass from the magnificent display. I don't normally include myself in pics, but I was asked to pose and post it.


Overall, this was an incredible visit to a legal marijuana store. I was struck by the beauty of the location and the loving kindness from the staff. They have some unique programs like their Evergreen Express at their website, and they offer guidance and knowledge to anyone who asks. Come visit, I will again.

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