Sunday, May 1, 2016

Golden Temple Kush - Fireweed Farms

Golden Temple Kush - Fireweed Farms

This Fireweed Farms was a deal and looked great! This indica was recommended for it's chill factor. I got this when I revisited 420 Carpenter - that updated review is coming this month!

The bud has a density and these leafy, dark green flowers have a veritable brain of dark ginger hairs. There's almost a purple hue, these hairs are so dark. 

The aroma and flavor are identical - sweet and herbal, like tarragon and leafy veg. It's delicate.

Thick smoke gets produced on the burn, and it leaves heavy residue. There is a heavy nasally effects even without exhaling through the mouth only. There's a long mouthfeel, almost an oily sensation. The terpene profile leaves a hefty, vegetative aftertaste.

Immediately, there's a nice fat heady feel. My eyes got stuffy and my brain was foggy. This brought pain relief, a heavy calm. I felt relaxed and that fogginess turned to a wobbly euphoria for a short while. This lead to a restful headspace, and the relaxation took me over.

Overall, the flavor is nice and herbal, the vegetative quality lead to a nice terp profile that was go-to-bed medicine. I highly recommend a bowl of this for a restful relaxing sleep.

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