Friday, May 20, 2016

Green Crack - Cascade

Green Crack - Cascade

This is one of only two eighths of legal marijuana I have ever bought. It looked so good, and I got this for such a deal, I couldn't argue.

On the label, it shows that they're Clean Green certified and it describes that they were grown in Vital earth soil and nutrients. We were just speaking on Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 20 how we'd like to know more on packaging than just what basic cannabinoid profile it contains. This packaging shows a 'total cannabinoids' of 26.3, even though TTL is 22.7%. That's total THC, as opposed to all the different cannabinoids.

This had a faint sweet candy smell, like old Smarties. Under this is a clean vegetative aroma, like freshly watered early spring tulips.

When broken down, this made the absolute ideal joint roll. It had a nice flaky quality while still crumbling. The aromas spread and became more pronounced vegetative while the sweet edge held up. There's a tiny faint hint of dieselfunk way deep down - it's barely tasted in the way back after a deep smell.

On the inhale, this is green crisp and super sweet. It fairly dripped with candy sweet, and the exhale was skunkish.

The high on this was substantial. I liked this in a joint best, and by the time it got near the end, I was uplifted. This has ongoing energy that lasts for a long time. I really dig the overall feel, this is great sativa.

Overall, the smell and flavor is great, if a bit mellow for this strain. The high was powerful and long-lasting. Also, it was a bargain!

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