Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rehash: LA Cheese (Pre-rolled) - Rogue Raven Farms

Rehash: reviews come from the archives.

For #TwistedTuesday, we're highlighting a pre-roll that you might have missed. This was originally posted September 30, 2015.

LA Cheese (Pre-rolled) - Rogue Raven Farms

I've had Rogue Raven Farms a few times before I got this pre-roll. I love their product.  Everything's always delicious and smooth quality.

Opening the tube, the cheesy smell rolled out on this.  It's very diesel, and with sweet pungency. It's really deep.  I bet this flower is dark purple, deep in the center of the buds.  That's based on smell alone, I didn't open this pre-roll's wrap up.

The flavor is huge and impactful.  The sweet fruity diesel is massive and it's absolutely mouth-watering.  The flavors are intense and potent.  While holding the smoke in, there's an almost fluffiness to the smoke. It's present and fun and great. The big flavors hang around in the back of your mouth after the exhale as well.

The pre-roll burned fantastically.  It needed almost no tending.

This is an indica-dominant hybrid, and it's superb.  There's great body high with deep muscle relaxation and a bit of an emotional uplift before a serious stoney, smiley, dumb headfeel.

Legs are legit on this marijuana.  I don't often expect the longevity on a pre-roll, but LA Cheese definitely did it for me.  I was high for several hours and felt great the whole time with luscious body feels and dopey headstate.

Overall, this was exceptionally good marijuana, and I feel like this pre-roll was over the top. Outstanding.

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