Thursday, May 5, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 18 - Stesha Ries and Gracen Hook

This Episode was a Cinco de Mayo party, with Stesha Ries of Green Chief and Gracen Hook, owner of the Reefer Den in Port Townsend. The whole day went incredibly weird and sideways. The food and conversation was great, as was the marijuana at the table - altho there was not much of it and it was not a showcase of a particular brand of products. I didn't catch any nugporn in this podcast, sorry.

We talked about so many topics, and it was an amazing conversation that touched on analytics, medical, terpene availability, how we seek marijuana and so much more. As a note, I was wrong. The youngest age that Adderall can be prescribed is not 6. It's simply not recommended for children under 3. Also, the rabbit test is not at all what Stesha thought.

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