Thursday, May 12, 2016

Panda OG - Phat Panda

Panda OG - Phat Panda

I'm not a huge fan of the self-proclaimed Frost Factory.  Phat Panda is among the highest grossing cannabis companies in the United States, and they definitely have a huge footprint. On one hand, hell yeah, the largest #WAPot brand! But on the other hand, they're high priced, gone-corporate weed. Businesses can be super successful without going corporate. That being said, damn is it generally good marijuana.

This particular strain was recommended to me as one of the better options on the shelf that day, so I grabbed it.  Opening up the jar, the aroma of blueberries wafts off, with a slight note of slight diesel. Breaking the marijuana down, the smell spreads and becomes much more distinctly sour diesel.

On the inhale, this has a hugely creamy texture. It's got a vegetative undertone and the blueberry and diesel from the aroma are little more than memories in the back of my sinuses, not at all present in the smoke.

There is a waxy afterfeel in the mouth, and a stark nutrient flavor. It was not nearly as distinctly salty, but very similar to the poorly flushed, salt Jilly Bean I had from Phat Panda before. I'm starting to believe that this particular twist on the taste is from over application of hydrogen peroxide bath before curing.

This high was a stony, wobbly ride through sideways euphoria. I had massive giggles and the high was really prominent through my eyes. It was super potent and had huge legs.

Overall, the peroxide/nutrient flavor on the aftertaste wasn't pleasant. The aroma and texture of the smoke were both great. The high was potent, and this was a relatively expensive gram. I won't be picking more of this up.

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