Monday, May 16, 2016

Plane Wreck - Northwest Pearl

Plane Wreck - Northwest Pearl
One thing is absolutely, entirely for sure about Northwest Pearl - they grow some of the most gorgeous looking legal marijuana. Their Truthband OG was beautiful, the Blue Enzo was an older work and it still looks amazing. Just beautiful cannabis, I couldn't stop the nugporn.

The smell on this is robust, with a fruity-sour blast. Breaking this down a ridiculously pungent skunkiness takes over.

On the inhale, this is super mild flavored, which is surprising because of how much stank there is. The taste is slightly sweet, but that's all there is to it. Exhaling is remarkably smooth and mellow. I billowed out a massive cloud I barely felt.

The high is a slow creep to a nice central cerebral high. An overall dumb feeling takes over, and the wreck happens. I fell into a serious pot-hole smoking this. This heavy dumbness stuck around for just a short period of time before fading.

Legs were very short, and it had a slightly grouchy end until I smoked some more.  Rinse and repeat, then a whole gram was smoked in one session.

Overall, this beautiful, sexy, fragrant flower is lacking in flavor and durability, but the short-lived cerebral effects are potent.

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