Monday, May 23, 2016

Sensi Star - Orgrow

Sensi Star - Orgrow
Opening my bag, this rich, earthy aroma billows out and filled the space above my large table in my garage studio. Richly skunky.

Cracking the nug, this scent has layers of complexity. It's rich and skunky with a massive aroma. There are palpable waves of pungency, followed by the head-enshrouding overpowering skunk-sweet.

On the inhale, there's a biting pungency, which rides right on the surface of clean vegetative taste - like fresh sprouts or clover. There's a wide mouthfeel in the aftertaste.

Swiftly, a relaxing chill settled in and I was super calm. Just absolutely chill. There was significant dopiness in head effects, overall chill. I got yawny and ended up asleep with great dreams and feeling well rested in the morning.

Overall, this is hugely tasty and has very potent indica effects. I love this beautiful strain for it's medical grade effects and this is an exceptional harvest of it.

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