Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Snoop's Dream (Pre-rolled) - Pioneer Joints

Snoop's Dream (Pre-rolled) - Pioneer Joints

I got this sweet smelling joint at the Freedom Market for a little mood-enhancing, silly pick me up, as recommended.

Squeezing under the lid until the top of the tube pops, a waft of refreshing, almost sparklingly sweet aroma puffs out. This joint is nice smelling and that's where the nice of it ends.

The paper is unbleached hemp, which virtually always burns a bit tough. While the crutch was RAW brand, I think the papers were a lesser quality. The crutch had a flap folded over on the inner part, blocking a large amount of the airflow on this joint which made it an altogether much less enjoyable experience, even after I used a poker to clear way.

This fired up quickly and lit nicely. It burned evenly from the start. The first two hits were smooth and slightly sweet on the aftertaste. Vegetative.

Suddenly after the third hit on this (two of us were smoking) the space filled with stinging, acerbic smoke. We both were coughing and choking on it, the joint fell and my eyes started watering. I got the joint and took a big rip of my own, and my face instantly wrinkled up.

This turned very bittery, acrid right away. Burning, oily, unbleached hemp paper was the primary flavor profile. The vegetativeness was present as well, but this flower basically contributed nothing pleasant to the flavor profile. The aftertaste on this made the back of my mouth taste like burned bitter greens.

Halfway through this joint burned sideways and canoed till the end. The last flavors, and remaining aftertaste were of burnt, wet vegetation.

Before the end of the joint, time slowed down. We got truly dumb. Slow-motion laughing and silly jokes. This heady high came with a mental fogginess that was truly dense. Almost as thick as cotton balls stuffed in the brain.

Legs were short. The stupid ended abruptly after just a few minutes. It was unsatisfying and ended with a headache.

Overall, I'm not impressed at all with this Snoop's Dream, or the Pioneer Joints. I'll go back to them because they're a decent brand in my experience. I'm going to stick to their flower for now. \

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