Saturday, May 21, 2016

Strawberry Creme Wax - Dab Dudes

Strawberry Creme Wax - Dab Dudes

I picked this up on my first voyage to Miller's Marijuana, in Porter, WA. I have a review coming sometime about this interesting, budget-friendly retailer. I've had Dab Dudes on my table a couple times, they're great for a value-driven brand. Generally, their dabs are $20-30 a gram, and it's reliably decent product.

Opening this up, it legitimately has strawberry smell to it. It's like candy, and makes me wonder what their BHO run was like. It's palpably sweet and the fruitiness of it clings inside the nostrils.

The texture on this is like a par-melted wax. Mostly blobs of thick solids, coated and coagulated in a quick-melting, thick almost-liquid.

On the inhale this is strong sweet, with general fruitiness and a clean vegetative end. Exhaling it's like citronella from a candle. Like you ate it and it had huge waxiness leftover in the mouth. Massive terpenes were in this.

This burned super clean, which surprised me - normally budget BHO isn't really going to be this clean. It left almost no residue in my quartz banger.

Clean was in the high as well. It had nice uplift, a pleasant spring-in-the-step feeling. I was happy and outgoing with this great waxy dab. Long legs with a persisting high.

Overall, this tasted great and it's great party concentrate. I'll be back for more of this brand for sure.

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