Monday, May 9, 2016

Sunset Sherbet - Northwest Cannabis Solutions

Sunset Sherbet - Northwest Cannabis Solutions

I picked this up on my first visit to Gypsy Greens the day after they opened!  They're the second retailer in Lewis County, right about a mile away from my house and far surpasses the other local retailer.. We've got an upcoming  I reviewed this brand some time ago with their Legends.

The dark greens and rich orange hairs were broken up by bright, dense pockets of seriously pale trichromes.

This Indica-dominant hybrid has a complex, earthy aroma. Breaking it down, it stayed nuggy and chunky. The aroma spread hugely, with rich soil smells and sweet moments within. An slight fruitiness rides the aroma.

On the inhale, the earthiness is centered within the thick smoke. Clean sparkles of sweet were within the layers of earthy, soil flavors. There's a tangible almost graininess to the smoke.

There's a slow onset with this smoke. It's dopey and chill. I had no answers and no questions while this soft relaxation lead me to a warm, sleepy end.

Overall, this is a good flower. The taste and aroma of this is a good profile, and the high was profound with a nice finish.

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