Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sunset Sherbet Pre-roll - Northwest Cannabis Solutions

Sunset Sherbet - Northwest Cannabis Solutions

This awesome #TwistedTuesday pre-roll is just $6 for an 0.8g joint. Pretty damn good deal from my awesome local retailer, Gypsy Greens who also have a second shop in Olympia. We've had NWCS products before - in fact I just reviewed this Sunset Sherbet earlier this month.

I really like the container. It's got a cool twist-off lid, and even though it's thin plastic it looks pretty durable. I'll definitely be using it for an on-the-go joint container.

A soft, gardeny aroma spreads from the joint container. Up closer there's a sweet smell. I took some of the flower to get shots of it, and that had a massively vibrant, earthiness.

The inhale is heavily earthy, sweet at first. On the first third of this joint, the sweet terpenes start building already. As soon as they do, the flavor turns predominantly and thoroughly bitter. This tone is accompanied by a heavy, terpy soil flavor. Throughout this experience, sweet, floral notes bubbled up through the bitter flavor profile.

First, the eyes got stoned. Then suddenly, the brain got stoned. This is heady, with euphoria that spreads throughout the body and soul. This uplifted me while unraveling me, then rotated into a stoniness spread throughout my being. This left me relaxed and chill. It had a huskiness in the throat after the smoke as well as a creative streak.

Overall, this was a bit small of a joint at 0.8 grams, still a deal tho because the price is incredible at Gypsy Greens - who always have a $6 joint in stock! The pre-roll burned well with minimal tending at all, and it burned right to the unbranded crutch/filter. A value in all ways, because the effects were potent.

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