Saturday, May 28, 2016

White Domina Shatter - Heavenly Buds

White Domina Shatter
We had this incredible product originally on Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 21, when Heavenly Buds came to visit.  If you take a look at the White Domina flower review, you can see where this came from.

This was such an incredible experience, hanging out with some super heroes. Windy and Chad and Miguel all  shared so much about their real stance on marijuana. Cannabis is medicine. Cannabis is a recreational drug. They're definitely focused on creating medical products when they are able to, and after the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) finally makes decisions on medical. This, this heavy indica shatter is medicine for sure.

The color is incredible, dark but clean. That's terpene goodness you're seeing in the color there, a translation from that gorgeous flower.

On the inhale this is complex, with a rich floral note. There's deep purple flavor that sticks on the tongue with a gentle oily texture.

Exhaling, there is an instant warm relaxation that spread from my lungs up to my head then over the course of about 20 seconds or so, spread down my arms and legs. This sensation happened on multiple sessions, with quiet contemplation before the dab enhancing the effect.

I found myself lost, rambling in my own mind, hopping from topic to topic. I remember clearly focusing on the irony of the oak trees in both front and back yards.

This was an incredible relaxation aid, and it lead to me falling asleep incredibly comfortably. I legitimately was on other side of forgetting who I was and when I was for a few moments after about a quarter gram in medium sized bites of this excellent BHO caught up with me. That's how relaxing and mind-melty this is.  I've never said anything like that about something like this before.
Hilariously, I apparently fell on my ass right after these particular dabs. I didn't even care for a good 5 minutes, while sitting outside in the night. It seemed, to an outside observer, that I was quite amused for pretty much the whole time.

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