Monday, June 13, 2016

Blue Hawaiian - Kush Farm

Blue Hawaiian - Kush Farms
This is my first time with this brand. It's one of the value purchases at my favorite local shop - Gypsy Greens. You might have seen me talking about #WaxWednesday there and #TwistedTuesday over the past few weeks.

Opening the package, there are rich blueberry notes and a wild pungency under the sweet.

This flower is coated in tight, short crystals and long, rangy carrot-colored hairs. The flower has a really great vibrant green color. When broken down, it held up in tough little bong-friendly nodules.

Inhaling this is sweet blueberry like the smell, with a clean feel. Overall, this is a calm sort of smoke, mellow. Like smoking smooth jazz.

There was an immediate eye-high and a creeping uplift rose up my spine and lifted me nearly out of my seat. While this was calm and relaxed, it was definitely attentive. I was somewhat squirrel brained, with pretty severe ADD. I could do all the things, but I tried to do them all at once. This lead to basically nothing getting done, even though it felt so productive

On the end of this, I was really chill and relaxed. I wasn't sleepy, just calm. Legs on this were really long.

Overall, this was a tasty flower, with great feeling and good effects for a day of no results and chillaxing. What a deal!

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