Saturday, June 25, 2016

Blue Hawaiian Shatter - Cannabis NW

Blue Hawaiian Shatter - Cannabis NW
I got this on a #WaxWednesday! I saved $5 so it was just $25 for the gram. This is a great deal and it's a great product to have as my 1 year anniversary post! 1 year of the Aging Ent! We've got a lot coming up to celebrate a year of #LegalMarijuana review - for now, let's celebrate #Shatterday!

This is clean looking, with a nice color. It's gold around the edges and transparent at the very edges. There's no aroma. It has some stability, while also being malleable with a little bit of interaction.

On the inhale this is smooth and has a cinnamon mouthfeel (not flavor) that continues to the end of the hit. Exhaling is cheesy like, with general sweet fruit in a smooth blend.

Much like last week's #Shatterday find, this had a deep 'tane tang. I warmed up my silicone pad, and let this melt down on top of it. After quite a bit of bubbling that smelled just like butane, the flavor was much more clean on the dab. It makes sense that all these lower cost BHO extracts are not the cleanest as possible, I mean that's what happens - I'm not paying a premium. But for real. Uck.

After posting, the Cannabis Northwest team reached out in a comment to this post, and provided some information, including the analytics testing info from this product.  If someone wrote that my product had some 'tane tang, or said it was 'not the cleanest as possible' I'd want to clarify too. Consider it an open invite to come on the Marijuana Encyclopedia and let's talk!

That notwithstanding, I'm posting from my perspective and experience with the particular package of product. I've since smoked a few more grams of this specific product and other products by this brand. I stand by my review of this product.

This just demonstrates to me all the more that analytics is a hot button issue that isn't going away, and also doesn't always tell the whole story of the picture.

The high was uplifting. I felt it first in the back of my head, and got very active. Like being picked up by the scruff of the neck, this got me out of my chair and moving. The legs on this were great - this is truly all-day stuff, great to dab and keep going.

Overall, the flavor's alright but the butane aftertaste is tough. The high is great, and long lasting. I'll give this a chance again another time.

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  1. Test results were 15.8ppm on residual solvents for those dabs.