Saturday, June 18, 2016

Britt Shatter - Manastash Gardens

Britt - Manastash Gardens
Happy #Shatterday! I saw this hanging on the shelf three weeks in a row, when I was at Gypsy Greens in Chehalis, my new favorite local.  Because it was #WaxWednesday I actually only paid $25/gram!

I heard this strain is AK-47 x White Widow, which used to be called White Russian, which offended someone I guess, then they decided it should be called Britt. The cool stuff budtenders can share! 

This is in a decent little silicone tub - one of my preferred ways to get dabs - especially something this shattery. Opening up the tub, a sweet smell is faintly present on this incredibly stable concentrate. The texture is like dark glass, and you can see the clean edge where it was broken. The color on this is really dark, like rich mahogany.

On the inhale, this is sweet, dark dripping berry flavors. Syrupy sweetness on the exhale, and a nutmeg/cinnamon undertone on the exhale. There is a bit more 'tane tang than I would like, it sits on the roof of the mouth.

The high is a solid balance. While I was still contemplating that butane aftertaste, a chill settled over me. An all-over body high spread, like diving into a pool of relaxation. This is balanced with mental clarity. This had an intense, all-day high that stayed attentive and focused, with deep calming effects. 

One cool side effect was a suppressed appetite. I've been working on losing weight for about 2 years now, and have had some health issues not too far in the past. This is a great product to control hunger - really all visceral needs were reduced because of this awesome balanced, potent high.

Overall, I really like this product, for all that it's tough to work with (due to the shattering). I heated a silicone pad and put some down, to melt into a more workable puddle, and that worked well, resulting in really sexy gold-edged thin dab. The terpy darkness hangs on. 

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