Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cherries Jubilee - Northwest Cannabis Solutions

Cherries Jubilee - Northwest Cannabis Solutions

I've spoken about there being a new local retailer in my hometown, Gypsy Greens in Chehalis, WA (they also have a shop in Olympia btw). I've been exploring their product since they've opened up. One of the brands that's always looking good and is in smaller sizes (for tasting) is Northwest Cannabis Solutions. This brand has a lot of variety, and I met some of their reps at Cannacon this year.

Opening the bag is a massive, rich, tart cherry smell. There's a seriously sour undertone that made my mouth water. After manipulating it, the aroma becomes bright, sharp cherry scent.

The bud is dense, a beautiful range of colors from a pale soft mint green to the dark of late autumn evergreen. These orange-amber hairs are so distinct it's like they're lit from within. Look at the frosting of trichromes on this cannabis.

On the inhale this is bright cherry flavored, like that scent when squished. On the exhale, and the aftersmell, the rich sweetness of cherry flesh is palpable. Even after the bowl was more than half-smoked, this still had a cherry flavor in the dark terpy leftovers.

The high is elastic. It's almost like being inside a beachball. I had a wet-eyed, quick rising floaty head from this. My floaty high came with a massive grin, instantly making me happy and elevating my mood.

Overall, this is one of the best looking value priced purchases I've made in recent memory. Effects were solid, and the happiness stuck around all day long, as did the memory of this remarkable cherry flavor. I want more, for sure.

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