Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cherry Pie - Noble Farms

Cherry Pie - Noble Farms

I've had nothing but joy with with Noble Farms product. That link is a great comparison from my early work to recent work. Wow!

Opening this bag a deep, pungent aroma spreads everywhere. This is funky and ripe red cherry full of sweetness. Under it is the late-fall dark cherry smell which holds in the sinuses for a while.

This flower's so crusted in trichromes, but breaking it down it's not as sticky you'd expect. The trichromes shake and flutter everywhere, the nuggets themselves holding up their dense form. This exposes even more of the vibrant cherry funk.

On the inhale the flavor is exactly as the aroma - deeply funky with ripe, sweet cherry and rich dark cherry flavors. This holds in the mouth and nostrils on the exhale, where even richer flavors come through, the funk rotating into a healthful earthy flavor.

On exhaling the second large hit of this, I was grabbed by the britches, potent uplift pulled me out of my chair, then set me back down more comfortably. I didn't get up again for a while. My smile spread and my eyes got squinted and glossy - I could feel that for sure.

Indica dominates with general body relaxation. My head was about all I could feel. The head on this is full of rambling thoughts and unfocused amusement. There was this strong, lasting uplift, which stayed clean to the end. There was no dumb feeling with all this.

Overall, the aroma and flavor are phenomal on this premium flower. The effects are potent and awesome! Great balance between body and head, Noble totally nails this strain.

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