Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cookies (Pre-rolled) - Northwest Cannabis Solutions

Cookies - Northwest Cannabis Solutions LEGENDS

I'm a big fan of $6 pre-rolls at my favorite local spot, Gypsy Greens. #TwistedTuesday is much more affordable! 

Opening up this screw-cap tube, a pungent berry stench spread out all over. Deep in on the joint, it's so pungent it's almost putrid for a moment, then the heavy sweetness kicks in. This is deep and rich.

The joint is rolled well enough, except it has a full inch of twisted, empty paper at the end. I'd have cut this. We spent a lot of time trying to tend this joint, while we stood smoking it on the sandy bank of the Chehalis river in a quiet, secluded location a bit away from where my daughters were swimming with my Entwife and friend of the show Danny's wife. Eventually we accepted the 40% run and smoked it the best we could.

On the inhale, this is smooth. It had a sexy berry flavor that was rich and sweet. The dripping sweetness held strong with a massive blackberry aftertaste. On the exhale, a moderate soil flavor held true with clean earthiness.

The high was chill, giving a nice tone to the second half of our swimming in the river. It was fun and uplifting, with mellow body feels throughout. 

Overall, the legs were pretty short, but the effects were potent and flavor was incredible. I definitely feel I got my money's worth, though I would love if it didn't run so badly.

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