Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dirty Girl (Pre-rolled) - the Green Vault

Dirty Girl (Pre-rolled) - the Green Vault
It's been a while since I've had some the Green Vault on the table, and even longer since I've had anything bought at this particular retailer. This was picked up for friend-of-the-show Danny by a friend of his. I'm glad she stopped there, this was a great joint for #TwistedTuesday!

This is one of my favorite uplifting strains, which we've reviewed as flower before. Opening the tube, it's hugely fruity - like a fruit salad - with crisp, vegetative undertones.

I'm a huge fan of the paper that the Green Vault is using for these - it is one of very few unbleached hemp papers that burns clean and doesn't leave an oily aftertaste.

The twist is great, and didn't leave this joint too tight. Being less than a full gram, this pre-roll feels like it has way too much paper on it. It's like when you open a bag of chips to find it was full of air - you feel like you're missing something.

On the inhale this taste has a huge fruity component up front. That fades quickly as clean, crisp vegetative flavors take over. It's reminiscent of crisp lettuce and freshly snapped peas. Exhaling, and throughout the burn, the flavor doesn't last long at all. The smoke is somewhat thin and wispy.

Before that faint smoke fades, a smooth uplift rushes in. The happiness and positivity are magnificent. This holds for a while, and definitely turned into some talkative stuff with a truly clean finish.

Danny and I smoked this and hung out planning future shows, and some of our upcoming June guests on the Marijuana Encyclopedia, including WeedMaps and the Cannabis Alliance as well as WeedBunny! It's super exciting and Danny is going to fill the role of dab technician to make sure things move smoothly forward.

Overall, I'm glad this inexpensive little joint hit my table, a reminder of the excellent work done by the team in my neighborhood. Great work guys! #OneLove.

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