Saturday, June 11, 2016

Green Crack Wax - Hi Guys

Green Crack - Hi Guys
I got this package for an awesome deal at Gypsy Greens here in Chehalis - just $25 a gram for Hi Guys' value-driven, relatively consistent BHO.

Last week on #Shatterday, I opened the conversation of foreign matter in concentrate. In this particular gram, there must be 15-20mm of some foreign matter. It looks like paintbrush fibers or some other small synthetic fiber. But also small specks. Is that a bug?

Don't get me wrong, I scraped that silicone tub it came in and dabbed every bit of this.

Opening up the container, there's a sweet aroma, and a serious presence of the smell of butane. This was not purged anywhere near as well as it could be.

Interacting with it, this extract's texture is partly melted candle wax. It's got a nice resistance then suddenly turns to a slippy, goopy blob. It starts to melt with any interaction.

On the inhale, this is really sweet. It has artificial fruit flavors throughout the experience, and an artificial aftertaste like grape or strawberry Laffy Taffy persists quite a while. Overriding all of this is the distinct, chemical tang of butane. It rides in the back of my palate above my tongue and I feel it deep in my lungs. That sweetness disguises the roughness of the poor purge pretty well.

The high on this comes on just a minute or two after smoking, with an energetic rush. The high has huge mental uplift. It's strong. This is definitely the positive sativa uplift I look for in this strain. Definitely a potent effect if shortlived.

Overall, the legs were short on this, and it had a rough taste and mouthfeel of unpurged solvent. The high is intense, and uplifting. I'd say this is a decent value all around.

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