Monday, June 20, 2016

Lemon Cheesecake - Northwest Pearl

Lemon Cheesecake - Northwest Pearl
Northwest Pearl is proving to be consistent, quality, and value.

Opening this bag up it's FUNKY. You can see in the rear label picture some of my notes. That was my first one. The smell on this is pungent and spreads everywhere. There's a cheesy tone over the separate aromas of both lemon and creamy custard. It's pretty intense.

On the inhale, this is rich and wild, with earthiness in the flavor. Above my tongue and under the roof of my mouth, a warm, slight greasy afterfeel stuck and there was a dark cherry aftertaste. That funk holds up throughout the entire experience.

A quick, heady flight of fogginess lead me to a good relaxation. While my body had great relaxation, my head was very uplifted. I was active, desired to do things. I was mortally exuberant and went out to trim my trees. They were hanging long in the front of the house, the cherry branches blocking the path to the road.

Overall, the flavor on this is awesome, the effects are potent. It was well balanced, and legs are decent. This was super energetic, like really energetic. I enjoy this, and at the price it's definitely worth it anytime.

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