Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Spliffs Presidential OG Kush (Pre-rolled) - Liberty Reach

Presidential OG Kush Spliff - Liberty Reach

This strain is the first legal marijuana strain I ever reviewed. Before I even took pics of product - because I smoked it before I intended to review anything.

It's #TwistedTuesday and this nicely packaged, filtered joint was an interesting, but overall underwhelming smoke.

The joint looks straight up like a cigarette. It's odd. I'm sure the filter fill is different. This had a feel and taste like hemp, not polyester. The end of the joint was really roughly cut/torn, then twisted. It seems like maybe a full-auto machine made this, and they need to sharpen that blade.

On the inhale, this is basically tasteless. I could tell I was smoking plant matter, barely. It's really thin and wispy. There's a mild sweetness on the exhale. The aftertaste is sweet-edged burnt vegetative matter.

The high is nearly instant. Second toke in I was high around my temples. This spread into a mild fogginess. Very chill and happy throughout. The high was mild, and left me feeling lazy and unproductive. I needed a nap, hard.  Legs were decent.

Overall, I do not like the filtered joint. It left me feeling lacking in flavor and in effects. Everything was muted except for the need for a nap afterward.

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